Monday, August 11, 2008

Orchid Growing Tips - Orchids LOVE Pond Water

One of my very favorite orchid growing tips ... Pond Water! Orchids love to grow by a fish pond because of the humidity. What makes them even happier is if you dip your watering can into the pond and give your thirsty orchids a sip of "poopy" fish water!

The fish fertilizer that you pay big bucks for at the garden center is free for the taking ... LOL!

My orchids absolutely thrive on it. I discovered this one day after a storm when one of my orchid pots blew in to the pond. I didn't notice it until the next day and after I retrieved it I thought I hope this guy makes it ....

Two weeks later, I had flowers getting ready to bloom, it was like it had an extra booster of the "good" stuff!

Since then, all my babies are watered with this and they have never been happier. When you are learning how to care for orchids, take a serious look at this some of my orchid growing tips.

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