Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Orchid Growing Tips to Make your Orchids Thrive!

Orchids grow all over the world, so when we start thinking about orchid growing tips we need to think about all the different environments that these lovely plants thrive in. Of course, we know that many orchids thrive in a warm humid area, similar to a rainforest. Elevation does not seem to be a factor as many grow quite well at higher altitudes. Some orchids love the sunshine and do very well growing high up in the treetops where the sun rays are the strongest, but then there are others that prefer a much lower light source.

To care for your orchid it is important to know where each plant originates, but for the most part there are a few orchid growing tips that seem to work for most plants:

  • · Most orchids love to have air circulation because this is what they are used to in nature. We must remember that Mother Nature does not “fuss” over her orchids like we do and sometimes the weather can be quite harsh with large temperature swings
  • · Do not over water! I know, you don’t want them to dry out completely, but there is a middle ground here. Be sure to water less in the cooler months as your orchid tends to grow more slowly and therefore need less water
  • · Check your orchids over carefully when the weather begins to change. Look for any fungus, mites or other critters that might be hiding on the leaves … be sure to check the undersides, too!
  • · My orchids love my fish pond water, but rainwater is the second best choice. Otherwise make sure that your water is de-chlorinated and make sure that it hasn’t gone through a softener. The salt from the softener is not a real friend to your orchid. Your water should also be at room temperature. You certainly don’t want to shock your orchids with an ice water bath!
  • · When it is time to begin repotting your orchids, set up an area where you can dispose of your old potting medium that may have pesky pests hiding, dip your plants in an insecticide as well as a fungicide before repotting and be sure to use new medium in a clean pot.

Orchids are not difficult to keep happy if you just follow a few orchid growing tips and for sure they will give you years of enjoyment!

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